Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Hilltop Partner Network is a cooperative of seasoned consultants and specialist consultancies providing premium full-service management consulting, business transformation, and IT/IS services to our customers without the overhead cost of traditional consulting firms.

Sharing knowledge and helping start up firms enter the business community in Manitoba helps us all. Hilltop's President and CEO makes time to mentor entrepreneurs through North Forge Technology Exchange 

Fostering diversity in the information technology industry is one of Hilltop's goals. Vice President, Renée Riglin supports this goal through active participation in Tech Manitoba's Maven Community.  

This year Hilltop hosted two workshops, inviting consultants, consulting firm leaders and one of our favourite clients to be part of our key planning sessions. With great food and drinks on hand and a stellar facilitator guiding us, the group completed a modeling effort using Strategyzer's Business Model Canvas. The result? The Hilltop Partner Network, launching in January, 2020.